Breaking Free from Division: Embracing a World Citizenship

Breaking Free from Division: Embracing a World Citizenship

As a black American, I have encountered numerous challenges throughout my life. One of the most insidious obstacles I’ve faced is the constant barrage of divisive messages and brainwashing tactics that have aimed to control my relationships and worldview. However, through resilience and a genuine desire for change, I have come to understand that all humans on this planet are equal. By embracing my identity as a world citizen, I have broken free from the constraints of division and now celebrate the diversity of my global family and friends.

A Lifelong Struggle

Growing up, I was subjected to divisive messages in various forms — from the media, institutions, and even my own community. These messages often painted a picture of “us” versus “them,” creating an environment in which fear, suspicion, and hatred could fester. Consequently, this insidious brainwashing permeated my life, impacting my relationships and shaping my worldview in ways that were detrimental to my growth and development.

The Awakening

After years of struggling with the weight of these divisive messages, I experienced a profound awakening. I came to realize that these messages were designed to manipulate my thoughts and emotions, perpetuating a cycle of fear and division that served the interests of those in power. This realization marked the beginning of my journey toward self-discovery and a more inclusive worldview.

Embracing Equality

With a newfound understanding of the value of all human beings, I embraced the belief that every person on this planet is equal, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, or socioeconomic background. I began to challenge the divisive messages that had been ingrained in me, replacing them with the conviction that each person has the potential to contribute something unique and valuable to the world.

Becoming a World Citizen

As my perspective evolved, I began to see myself not only as a black American but also as a world citizen — a member of the global human family. I no longer allowed government bodies, the media, or any other source of brainwashing to dictate my relationships or my love for my fellow human beings. Instead, I chose to embrace the diversity of humanity, cultivating connections with people from all walks of life and every corner of the globe.

A Global Family

Today, I am proud to say that I have family and friends on every continent. These relationships have enriched my life in countless ways, teaching me the beauty of different cultures and perspectives. Through these connections, I have discovered that our shared humanity transcends borders, languages, and beliefs, uniting us in our collective quest for understanding, acceptance, and love.