Photo of Lyron Foster

Lyron Foster

Lyron Foster is a Louisiana-raised, Hawai'i based Musician, Entrepreneur, Author, and Technologist. Lyron was born in Sierra Vista, Arizona, and, following his parents' divorce, moved to his mother's hometown of Oakdale, Louisiana, at the age of 5. Ever since his childhood, Lyron's had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of; and a natural affinity for both Technology and music. By the age of fourteen, Lyron had begun teaching himself C++ programming and began exploring Unix and Linux.

Nationality: American. Lyron is of Congolese, Nigerian, Ghanian, French, Welsh, English and Italian descent.

Career & Entrepreneurship:

This love for Technology propelled Lyron into a Career centered around Technology and ultimately Entrepreneurship. Throughout his technology career, Lyron has played pivotal C-Level roles in some of the world's largest technology startups. Lyron's thirst for knowledge and new experiences has also led him to travel to many places around the world and eventually settle in Hawaii. Combining this newly discovered wanderlust with his love for entrepreneurship and Technology has led Lyron to independently founded and co-founded over 87 different technology brands across four countries.

Music Career:

Growing up in Louisiana and being raised in a musically-inclined household stoked Lyron's love for music. Lyron has independently made music throughout most of his life; however, he only recently started to create and release his music professionally. Lyron's self-described "Hacker-Hop" electronica music combines digital sounds and intricate drum patterns while incorporating ethnical musical stylings from some of his favorite travel destinations. While his music career is relatively new, Lyron has already risen to the top of Hawai'i Electronica music charts and is quickly amassing fans and establishing his presence as a prolific electronica musical artist.

Writing Career:

To date: Lyron has written and published ten books as part of his "Career Kick Start" book series. The Career Kick Start book series teaches teach practical technical skills in an easy to read and understand format.