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Lyron Foster Announces CGI Cast for ‘In the Re-Beginning’

Lyron Foster Announces CGI Cast for ‘In the Re-Beginning’

Due to COVID-19, production is taking a new direction in creating the highly anticipated film

Honolulu, Hawaii  – JULY 31, 2020 – COVID-19 has significantly impacted the production of television series and movies, causing shutdowns on-site and closing movie theaters around the world. Lyron Foster, the African American filmmaker behind the highly anticipated film ‘In the Re-Beginning,’ has taken his production in a new direction. Now, he says the film will instead feature a completely CGI created world and cast. Using this strategy, Foster will avoid the challenges currently being faced by on-set production.

“We have decided to move forward in production with a fully CGI cast,” said Foster, who will also hold a role in the film. “This choice was made due to safety and production concerns related to COVID-19.”

‘In the Re-Beginning’ will be a feature-length movie in the fantasy and sci-fi genre, designed to appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Initially, Foster planned for the movie to be filmed in Hawaii, Texas, and New York City. Instead, the entire film will be completely digitized.

The production team behind ‘In the Re-Beginning’ will be digitizing the entire film using Unreal Engine, a popular 3-D creation platform that has been used widely for immersive video games. Foster is thrilled to be using this exciting technology to bring ‘In the Re-Beginning’ to life.

In addition, the production team will leverage motion capture technology for realistic animation.

The film’s original cast will be voicing the digitally created characters, which share their likeness, to ensure the original artistic vision is not compromised despite the change in platform.

Foster says ‘In the Re-Beginning’ will feature a multi-ethnic cast situated in a variety of roles designed to challenge the pervasive stereotypes currently present in media and entertainment. Outside of filmmaking, Foster is also an author, coder, actor, musician, and Tech Entrepreneur.

Updates on the film are being posted on Twitter at @LyronFoster and @ReBeginningFilm. More information can be found at


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Lyron Foster is an African American author, actor, coder, filmmaker, musician, and entrepreneur.




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